I can’t believe what we did…we got a puppy! I’ve never had such a young dog, it’s a world of new discoveries, challenges and lots of laughs! He’s basically a very good little doggie, but VERY curious, mischievous & enthusiastic.

Here’s what he loves: toys (he has also thought a whole stalk of broccoli was a toy and shook it to death), stealing socks, jumping on our laps, rolling around on the floor in his blanket until he’s tangled, trash disruption, sun bathing and general goofiness.

He is a doberman/beagle mix. We named him RAMBO, and have since given him the full name of Rambo “Trouble” Adams (a.k.a. bad a** doggie, depending on what he’s trying to get away with!).

Lady is bearing him. She is exerting her authority as the senior dog and Rambo is very submissive to her. He jumps on her a lot, which she tolerates to a point, then they chase each other around. When she deems it’s too late for his shenanigans, she goes over and lies down on his blankets and turns her back to him, as if to say “See? This is what you are supposed to be doing now.” He is so taken aback by her lying down in his spot he usually stops everything and tries to lie down. Once he settles, she goes back to her couch. It’s entirely too adorable.