ABT’s – Atomic Buffalo Turds

I cannot make this stuff up if I tried! There are several variations, but atomic buffalo turds (a.k.a. ABT’s) are a  really delicious Texas treat! There are several variations on this recipe, but this is my favorite video. This guy is hilarious…

For you yankies, hoochie mama is a bbq rub – very close to a standard Cajun seasoning. Personally I like to stuff my ABT’s with mozzarella cheese sticks (they really take on the smoke) – no mess & no mix.  They also turn out beautifully in the oven or on the grill. Need a pepper rack? I want one too. Never fear, if you don’t mind a little mess and if you wrap them differently you don’t have to have one to make these. In Dallas you can get the big jalapenos for $1 per pound at the farmers market! It’s a great party appetizer or taligate munchie full of flavor and just the right hint of heat.

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